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If you are looking for someone who offer quality tiling services in Melbourne you can contact us, but we do more than floor tiling. The services we provide like bathroom tiling, screeding, leveling, bathroom waterproofing and caulking are carried out by professionals who have both the talent and exposure to undertake the work.

All types of Internal and External Tiling

We offer our exceptional services for both internal and external tiling. Help is around the corner whether you want wall tiling or floor tiling. Our staff has experience in handling all kinds of tiling materials like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, limestone tiles and marble. We can offer help from start to finish by taking you through planning, calculating the number of tiles required to the actual laying of tiles.

Screeding and Floor Levelling

Our professional Melbourne tilers understand the importance of leveling and screeding bathroom floors for the overall durability of the tiled floors. When tiles are set on uneven surfaces it will lead to breakage eventually. Screeding is the process by which the top layer of the concrete is leveled. Screeding is used to remove the excess concrete and to make the top surface of the concrete to the proper grade. This process has a critical role to play especially in the bathroom or balcony flooring. Screeding is used to create a slope in such a manner that water does not get logged but will flow towards the drain. When the leveling is done in a proper way, you will not have a problem with water getting retained in undesired places and the finish of the flooring comes out in an excellent way.

All types of Internal and External Waterproofing

We can offer our helping hand in solving your waterproofing difficulties. We not only identify the cause of the leakage but also take the necessary steps to make sure that the seepage issue is resolved. We help in the restoration of leaky bathrooms and balconies. It is imperative that waterproofing has to be done in a manner that is compliant with the highest standards as leakage not only tarnishes the appearance of the building but also may cause irreversible damage to the property if left untreated. This can lead to dwindling in your property value. Contact us as soon as you notice the first signs of leakage so that the problem can be nipped in the early stages before it leads to any significant damage.

All types of Internal and External Caulking

Caulking is one of the various processes that is used to seal joints, crevices or seams. Caulking and grouting are very crucial during the tile installation process. These processes if done properly protect the tiles and increases the longevity of the flooring. The caulk and grout fill in space in the joints between the tiles and give the floor a good finish. Caulking is used to fill the gaps to restrict air or water or in some cases even vermin.

With time the caulk between the tiles can look grimy or even may get worn out and leave a gap. This is where we can offer our services by removing the untidy caulk and fill the gaps with a good quality sealant. Improper caulking or worn out caulking can lead to leaks. Our qualified workers are familiar with the different kinds of products available for caulking and also the techniques that can give the best results.

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